MeTagaMeHUb DaO

Navigating through the Open Metaverse together

Building a holistic ecosystem for profound Metaverse experiences

Solving key issues within the Metaverse

Centralized LAND Ownership

DAO Governed LANDs

MGH DAO collaboratively acquires, populates and monetizes LANDs and respective in-game assets

Intransparent Asset Valuation

Valuation Algorithm

Our Valuation Algorithm allows fair pricing for LANDs and will be gradually adopted to more Metaverse Assets

Lack of Data Utilization

Dataverse Tools

MGH DAO is developing intuitive data tools which can be leveraged by users and ecosystems alike

Limited access to the Metaverse and MetaFI

Intuitive Metaverse dApps

Use MGH DAO’s tools to navigate through the Metaverse and leverage MetaFi

A decentralized country within the Open Metaverse

Metaverse design in various metaverses such as The Sandbox, Somnium Space, Decentraland, and Fluf World. Utilizing various Metaverse Assets of the MGH DAO Treasury Portfolio. Development of own Metaverse editor for e.g. Decentraland (dcl-edit).

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Dataverse Tools

Metaverse Agnostic Asset Valuations via the MGH DAO dApp (with more than 60,000 requests thus far), on-chain valuation data via the MGH DAO’s own Chainlink Oracle Node and sophisticated datasets via the OCEAN Marketplace.

MetaFi Tools

MGH DAO offers $MGH staking on two networks (Ethereum, Polygon). Soon you will be able to stake your favorite metaverse fungible and non fungible tokens and earn additional $MGH. Further, MGH DAO is constantly developing new MetaFi tools like NFT Pools (Q1 2022), perpetual LAND swaps (Q4 2022), and interoperable ID Aggregator (Q4 2022).

Intuitive tools to manage the Metaverse

MGH Token

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Sustainable Utility

Getting access to metaverse LAND valuation datasets on the Ocean marketplace. Further, the MGH Token is going to be payment method for subscriptions of MGH Metaverse Assets, Infrastructure & Applications. A big part of the generated revenues are autonomously bought back and burned resulting in a deflanionary $MGH supply. The rest is used to fund further operations.


Multi-Layer Governance

Governance of LAND aquisition and monetization, MGH Metaverse and Dataverse tools, working group operations as well as the DeFi - Metaverse convergence and respective applications like NFT Pools, NFT Staking and NFT Pool Tokens. MGH DAO uses Snapshot for the voting on governance proposals.




Core contributors

$1.6 Mio

Decentralized community fundraise


Average monthly requests on valuation tool

Building & Investing across various Metaverses

DCL-Edit launch with Decentraland Team

Grants from Decentraland and Ocean Protocol

Polygon Migration (ca. 1,000 members already)

10,000+ organic members in groups across channels

University collaborations and internships with Aachen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Buenos Aires, Bogota and South Korea



Valuation Tool V2, Decentraland Editor, WG launch, Awareness expansion


Metaverse Expansion (FLUF World, Somnium Space): Land acquisitions and data tools, Decentraland Community Hub launch, Snoopverse launch, Meta NFT Series launch


GameFi Ecosystem (starting with MGH DAO’s “Lamarcito Game”), MGH DAO Community Hubs across Metaverses, dApp integration into Metaverses


Metaverse tool expansion, Metaverse interoperable ID, Perpetual LAND swaps, Cosmos integration



Launching MGH DAO’s own Metaverse “Nothingworld”, Valuation tool integrated on 4+ NFT marketplaces


Data tools for 6+ Metaverses, Metaverse Community Hub on 4+ Metaverses

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation

MGH is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which means that MGH is community-driven. Everybody can join and help the DAO achieve its goals. Members have the power to vote on operational decisions and to manage the DAO's Treasury.



Get to know the whole team

Nicolas Weber

Camilo Echeverri

Lukas Philipp

Youssef Gabsi

Phil Thomsen

Oskar Latussek

Christian Werner

Camilo Alaguna

Santiago Hernandez

Felix Sander


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MGH Grant Proposals

MGH is organized as a DAO, where a group of individuals strive to collaboratively achieve a common goal, leveraging the Web3 ecoystem and its tools. So MGH is not, nor should it be, curated by a small group of people or governed by Web2 organizational structures...

Jan 18

MGH DAO’s journey into FLUF World

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MGH Art Contest

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Need a Loan on Your Sandbox LAND? — New Partnership Between Zharta and MGH Will Make That Possible

Your LAND in The Sandbox. You’ve spent hours designing it — you built houses, sprinkled it with trees, populated it with figurines… And now you have no choice but to sell it. Because you desperately need money...

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