Datasets containing key stats about Metaverse LANDs on the OCEAN Marketplace

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Chainlink Oracle

MGH Chainlink Oracle Node providing on-chain valuation data

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Valuation API

Easy access and integration of our price estimations for Asset Managers, Funds, NFT Marketplaces and many more


DCL Edit

The first editor for the Decentraland SDK. Use it to easily build Metaverse experiences with no coding knowledge

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Metaverse Staking Protocol

Stake your $MANA and $SAND on a vault that leverages a trading bot and our AI price estimation algorithm to buy and sell LANDs on established NFT marketplaces. All the profits are shared between the stakers

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Valuation Interface

AI price estimations and analytics for Metaverse assets (The Sandbox, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Somnium Space)

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